23 October 2010

A Walk Cycle Tutorial

Walks (and runs) are parts of some basic animations exercises as are the pendulum, the bouncing balls or the weight shift. Despite this, walks are not an easy subject and require some research before we start diving into them, as Shawn Kelly points out in one of his post.

So walks are hard, and I personally animated a lot of them before making good ones. Some in school for sure... Then some at work for our video game, and then some walks at home for my personal interest and for a contest that appears at the Spline Doctor animation blog.

Slide Example

As I was animating walks and made many mistakes (resulting in strange looking walks), I took some notes and read tutorials to learn more stuff on the subject.

As I was learning, I decided I could probably do a little tutorial on the subject, planning to put six hours into it and post this on the Internet. But as I realized there was more things to say, I ended up writing more stuff and then that little tutorial become more detailed than I had initially expected.

Here I try to do things a little bit differently than the others walk tutorials you will find around. So that It's not a one hour video, nor the 5 basic poses of a step explain again.

Hope this help.


Robert_(RKL) said...

Hey Francis , Jon vient de me faire découvrir ton blog super cool. J'ai pas encore tous lu mais je vais faire ça plus tard et me faire un cycle de marche :)

Fr002 said...

Merci Robert ;)

J'ai encore ton numéro, il faudrait que je t'apelle pour prendre de tes nouvelles !


Anonymous said...

Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

Anonymous said...

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful journey and experience!

David said...

Walk Cycle Tutorial link is a dead link now. Have you re-posted it to another site ?