14 May 2011

Animation Links : Animation Critique

Hi there,

It's always interesting to watch a few animations, good and bad be reviewed by a good animator. So here are a few links and ressources I could think of about "animation critique". Cool stuff.

Flip Online : Flip Review by Cameron Fielding
11 Second Club Winner eCritique Review
Animation FeedBack for Spungella Online Workshops by Jean-Denis Haas

There's is also a small sample review on Ianimate.net from Jason Ryan
Then there's also the review from Keith Lango VST 41. Good stuff and the VTS are only 6 buck now (yea, believe my wallet, you had to paid 13 Euros before, which equal to like 18 buck, call that a price reduction !!!).

If you know anymore ressources tell us in the comments !


nipun said...

hey there is new website youanimator.com for to get critique by others..

and thanks for such amazing posts..
your post on walk help me a lot to understand the video reference and how to apply them..

again really really thank you..!!

John Smith said...

I don't know about critique but you should be able to find some animations to look at www.videvo.net/search/animation