1 January 2015

Let's Talk About Bad Animation Tutorials

Last day, I came to these funny shorts that mock all these not so good animation tutorials we can find over the internet and Youtube :-)

It let me think of these not so good animation tutorials I saw a few years ago. The website presentation and design seem "legit", but when you dig a bit deeper and watch the animation examples, it's just a mess! Well, I'm not saying you should not buy these, but there are far better alternatives.

From Animation Methods : Polish Pass on a Jump

From Animation Alchemy : Video presentation of his tutorials

Sure you don't have to have amazing example video in order to have something of value to contribute to the learning of animation (as with the CD that came with Character Animation Crash Course from Eric Goldberg). But everyone would agree that you fell much more comfortable learning from someone who has a series of well done animations.

So where to go for quality - video - animation tutorial ?!

  1. Jason Ryan Animation from Jason Ryan
  2. SplatFrog from Ken Fountain
  3. VTS (Video Tutorial Service) from Keith Lango
  4. Kenny Roy.com from Kenny Roy
  5. Animation Physic from Alejandro Garcia
Do you know any other good animation video ? Let me know in the comment :-)

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tommy said...

Did you come back to teach us more ? : )